Sunday, December 18, 2016

Do You Have Room

This Holiday season Kenz was asked to sing Do You Have Room twice.

Once for our new ward's Young Men/Young Women Christmas Activity.
And then Emily Briggs if she'd sing in for her ward in Suncrest for their Christmas Program.
She worked with a new accompanist Paul Tonks.  It turned out beautiful
Of course I didn't film the actual performance since it was a sacrament program 
but I did film part of the rehearsal.  
Such a pretty song!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kenz turns 20

Kenz got to sing at a YM/YW activity on her birthday.  
She and Wyatt drove from Provo and ran over to a neighbors house so that she could sing Do You Have Room (Kim Granger accompanied).  
This was the first time Wyatt had heard her sing.  
She didn't get to warm up and struggled a bit (she will hate that I said that) but it was still beautiful.
Then she came home and opened gifts.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Concert of Hope

Kenz was asked to perform at a Memorial Concert honoring 2 students 
(click HERE to read about the accident)

Kenz met the darling three students that survived the crash before the concert began.
Lauren Fenton's mom takes a picture with Kenz before the show.

Kenz spent a lot of time trying to decide what was appropriate to sing.  
It was supposed to be a night to celebrate yet both parents and students were invited.  
The National Parks were there to get the crowd dancing and singing 
- which they did and it was AWESOME!
So Kenz decided to keep her set a little more reverent... so to speak. 
A big thank you to Sarah Davies (Piano Place) for accompanying her on piano. 

Kenz started with The Dreamer since she loves the song's message and it is up beat.
She mashed up Saturn and Here Comes the Sun knowing that those two bands were favorites of the two students who died.  
And closed the night with Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I was proud of her performance.  
Her heart was so touched by the families and she admitted after 
that she struggled to keep her emotions in check -
 wiping away tears and trying to clear her nose to be able to sing 
in the middle of all three of her songs.  
Some performances mean a little more... this was one of those.