Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Opening for Aaron Carter

Salt Lake City - Oct 7 
Murray Theater
Opening for Aaron Carter
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Aaron Carter with Kenz

 Her Favorite Band
 Cam, Garrick, & Matt

 The Awesome Crowd!

Wont Set Fire

Stay with me

One Good Reason

MOM SIDE NOTE; it's So frustrating to get there on time, invite friends and fans, and then to not get a sound check (which you can hear in all the videos  - Kenz and the guys in her band all said they hoped they sounded okay because they couldn't hear a thing on stage) and have them start the concert an hour and a half LATE.  Since I am the mom, I can vent and complain.  Kenz is so easy and always happy to be on stage but I personally was extremely frustrated with how things went down and I apologize to those we sold tickets to.  
aint it fun
wont set fire
stay with me
one good reason
come together

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