Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Upcoming Events

September 2 - Salt Lake Bees Game 
National Anthem and God Bless America

September 12- Utah Music Awards

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saying Goodbye to her Missionary

He received his call and now it's time to go....

New Haircute...

Sunday August 23rd - Hayden's Farewell 

Open House after Farewell

Monday - August 24th - Last Full Day Together
Lunch at Cafe Rio
Color Me Mine

Gotta love security cameras :)

Tuesday - August 25 - 
Finished a Secret Letter and Photo Album to go in his suitcase

Helped him Pack and then said final goodbyes

Hayden was set apart at 6 pm
Kenz came home for a bit and then went for a drive.
Text from Kenz to Me - so sweet 

Off to College

First day of College

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Once I Was a Beehive

This movie premiers August 14, 2015

Check out the Trailer

Kenz was asked to say a few words at the Sandy a Premier August 6th. She was prepared to speak but due to time (and a little confusion,) she wasn't able to talk. But here is her message. 

First I want to say thank you to Maclain & Lisa for allowing me to be a part of this film. A musicians dream is to have their work recognized and more importantly, enjoyed. You both have made this dream a reality for me and it means so much. 

Last year, I had a crazy year with music.  I was released from a TV Show (booted) and because of strict contracts, I wasn't allowed to perform. So I decided to be productive and I ended up writing an album. I wrote a bunch of songs and realized something was missing. 

I wanted a deeper song.  Something that everyone could relate to. I got together with John Allred, who is an incredible songwriter and a dear friend, we struggled to come up with something together.  He had a skeleton of a song called the great unknown. When I got in the studio with Joshua James, we made some changes and that is when the song came alive for me.  It was exactly what I wanted. 

The Great Unknown is one of those songs that I hope everyone can listen to and relate it to their own lives.  It's about the up and downs of life. You can't control what life throws at you --- all you have to do keep going, one step at a time, into the great unknown. 

Again thank you for allowing me to be apart of this. I am excited to see this film and have a feeling it will be exceptionally successful. And I hope you enjoy a little bit of my music. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Made Inside the MTN

You can BUY this now!!
Click HERE to hear, read about, and purchase it.

Working with Joshua James was a dream come true for Kenz.  
She KNEW he'd understand her music and respect her "sound". 

When she was recording her album, she was really sick... yet couldn't wait to go into the studio to continue working on the project.  That told me not only how much she LOVED how it was coming along but how much she was ENJOYING the process.  She is so proud of her album.

A few months ago, Joshua James asked Kenz to be a part of THIS album.  
She felt it was the biggest compliment she could receive. 

I have listened to it over and over!  
I LOVE it!  (I also love that she is the only girl.) 

Joshua James in incredible.  
As Kenz says... 
He is a genius.  
Note from Joshua: Over the years I have been trusted with the music of amazingly talented artists. I felt it was time to put some of my favorite songs from these records I have been a part of into a proper gang.

This release is the first of compilations entitled: "Made Inside The MTN"
There is a limited Edition Vinyl of which each of the artists is given 35 pieces. These records will be sold and distributed around the country by the individuals listed below. There is also the digital version that will be made available via itunes, amazon mp3 and the like.

All the proceeds that are brought in from the digital side of this compilation will be donated to the WFP (World Food Programme)


released 07 July 2015

1. Ancient Days - Grayson Schick

Acoustic Guitar / Vocals - Grayson Schick
Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals - Isaac Russell
Drums - Aaron Anderson
Harmonica, Keys, Percussion - Joshua James

2. Million Missing Pieces - Isaac Russell

Acoustic Guitar / Vocals - Isaac Russell
Bass Guitar - Stewart Maxfield
Drums - Andrew Tolman
Electric Guitar / Slide Guitar - Evan Coulombe
Piano / Percussion / Backup Vocals - Joshua James

3. Falling, Falling - Pablo Blaqk

Vocals - Pablo Blaqk
Bass Guitar - Isaac Russell
Drums - Pat Campbell
Electric Guitar - Evan Coulombe
Backup Vocals - Samantha Calmes
Acoustic Guitar / Piano / Percussion / Synth - Joshua James

4. Stardust - Westward The Tide

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar - Jackson Larsen
Bass Guitar - Stewart Maxfield
Drums - Cam Brannelly
Backup Vocals - Kaitie Forbes, Jackson Larsen, Megan Larsen
Accordion / Piano / Mellotron - Joshua James

5. Conscience - Joshua James

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar - Joshua James
Bass Guitar / Drums / Piano - Richard Swift
Electric Guitar - Evan Coulombe

6. Dollar Train - Timmy The Teeth

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Drums - Timothy George
Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals - Isaac Russell
Electric Guitar - Evan Coulombe
Harmonica / Backup Vocals - Joshua James

7. Flood - Aaron Joseph Puzey

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar - Aaron Joseph Puzey
Bass Guitar - Isaac Russell
Drums - Timothy George
Electric Guitar - Evan Coulombe
Organ - Joshua James

8. You Really Got A Hold On Me - Kenz Hall

Vocals - Kenz Hall
Bass Guitar - Isaac Russell
Drums - Aaron Anderson
Wurlitzer / Electric Guitar - Joshua James

9. Seven Seas - John Allred

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar - John Allred
Bass Guitar / Backup Vocals - Isaac Russell
Drums - Timothy George
Electric Guitar - Evan Coulombe
Percussion / Synth / Backup Vocals - Joshua James

10. Lung - Kyle Henderson w. The Coyote Howlers

Vocals - Kyle Henderson
Bass Guitar - Isaac Russell
Drums - Timothy George
Percussion / Keys / Strings / Backup Vocals - Joshua James

11. I'm Not Home Yet - Armon Jay

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar - Armon Jay
Bass Guitar - Isaac Russell
Drums - Pat Campbell
Electric Guitar - Evan Coulombe
Mellotron / Percussion - Joshua James

12. For You I Built A Mountain - Luke Mitchem

Vocals - Luke Mitchem
Bass Guitar - Isaac Russell
Drums - Jay Tibbits
Electric Guitar - Evan Coulombe
Piano / Harmonica / Percussion / Backup Vocals - Joshua James

Produced by Joshua James
Recorded inside of Willamette MTN