Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Star Still Shines

Kenz sang The Star Still Shines on Christmas Eve for our church's sacrament meeting.
Since it isn't appropriate to record the ACTUAL performance during the meeting, I decided to record their quick run through before church.  Unfortunately, there was SO many distractions with our sweet  pianist (trying to play and lift the lid of the piano, having Kenz be behind him and not be able to see her, etc) that THIS recording is not very good.  You can see Kenzie giggle at me when things are going haywire. But I still put it on here since this is like a journal.
She sounded absolutely BEAUTIFUL for the actual performance and Mike Anderson, our dear friend that literally learned the song by ear (so it would be in Kenzie's key) did amazing - as usual.  

We hope you all remember the true meaning of the season and take time to reflect on the greatest gift given - a Savior.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Official Trailer | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON!

I'm so excited to announce my involvement in the cutest project ever! #DreamWorks is releasing a Netflix series & I was lucky enough to voice singing Princess Poppy in Trolls The Beat Goes On!  Press Play for a sneak peek.  #dwtrollstv

Saturday, December 9, 2017

LDS Christmas Party

Kenz was asked to sing at our churches adult Christmas Party.
Like many Kenz has been sick with the sore throat, sinus, and cough (Bronchitis). 
I worried she wouldn't have a voice.  We prayed and prayed and gave her lots of medicine.  
I am always amazed at how she somehow pulls off every performance.   

Kenz is VERY picky when it comes to her music and song choices.  
She decided to do only 3 songs.  
1. a known Christmas carol
2. a song she sang a few years ago for the LDS Church campaign #ASaviorisBorn
Click HERE to see her video. 
3. one of her FAVORITE Christmas songs - "Do You Have Room" 

I loved that she played her guitar instead of having someone play piano.  It was so pretty and perfect for the setting.  I was so proud of her and grateful she is still willing to share her beautiful voice. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Make Up

Kenz LOVES October because that means she gets to do GROSS, SPECIAL FX Make Up!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

American Idol Comes to Provo

Note from Kenz:
Those of you who auditioned yesterday, good job on making the best decision ever.  It was so fun to see some of my old idol am.  I love and miss you all. 

American Idol came back to Utah... this time the Bus came to Provo.
Kenz isn't auditioning this year but when her "Idol Fam" comes into town you can bet she is going to go say HELLO!!

Many of you thought Kenz got a raw-deal when she was on the show.  
But time heals everything and Kenz has nothing but POSITIVE memories and feelings about the show. She always says "American Idol was the best experience of my life. " 
She is nothing but grateful!

Her Idol Fam are her friends and she loves staying in touch with them all. 
One of her favorite people from her experience is Nancy Yearing
Nancy went above and beyond for Kenz (actually several people did - Megan, Kate, Patrick, to name a few...).  Of course, Kenz say Nancy and made a bee-line to go see her.

and her SMILING pup Dustin Hoffman :)

I admit... I felt a little left out when Kenz got to see everyone so I made her FaceTime me so I could (sort of) be apart of it all again. :)