Saturday, May 21, 2016

Miss Draper Pageant Performance

Kenz was asked to sing the National Anthem and an original song for the 
Miss Draper Pageant.

She has always been so grateful for the support 
she has received from the Draper community that she happily accepted the invitation.

She got there at 3 pm to sound check but none of the sound guys were there.  
No biggie.

She got there at 6 pm to sound check and it was a pretty chaotic moment.  
Those that have worked with Kenz know she doesn't really need a sound check 
and can do a lot of her sound all by herself.  
So that is was she chose to do.  
She decided not rely on the sound tech but just use her own amp and mic. 

After getting all set up back stage 
and assigning someone to help her get her equipment on stage for her, 
she came out to chat with me.
She kept saying... "I have a bad feeling about this."  
I reassured her that it was just National Anthem nerves talking.  
She does NOT enjoy sing the National Anthem.

The show started and she sang the anthem (in a key she had never tried before) but sounded GREAT!  
(She had her note in her head and then someone tried to talk to her before hitting the stage and her note was gone.... 
This & the fact that she is a perfectionist when it comes to her music is why she doesn't like singing this song.)

Then I started getting text from her.
K: "Mom.  Is something burning on the top right corner of the curtain?"
Me: "I don't see it but I can smell it."
K: They're calling the fire dept.
I found it.  
It's actually on the other side.
Lights on a curtain.
I don't want to go on until it's fixed"
Me:  "it'll be fine"

And she is announced to come and sing.

It sounded great.  
A mash up of her original song One Good Reason 
(click here to listen and/or buy
and the classic Stand By Me.  
Half way through the song,
 the audience is laughing and she has no idea why. 
Broke my heart.

Note from Kenz:
Congratulations to Miss Draper 2016 and cute Rachel Parkinson (Miss Draper Teen) and everyone else involved!  And shoutout my special friends who joined me on stage as well. 

By the end of the song, she figured it out. 
Several firefighters decided to walk behind her as she was singing to check out the fire.  
Our sweet Mayor Troy Walker apologize profusely 
stating the firemen insisted on taking the quickest and straightway route to the fire.

She did her best to cover up the crazy moment but was still horribly embarrassed.
She had planned to stay and try to sell some of her merchandise after the pageant 
but made a quick exit with a few tears in her eyes.

I personally was SO proud of her 
grace under pressure 
(I would have said "fire" but there have been way to many jokes and puns about this one. - again poor kenz).

I know someday she will laugh about this one.  Maybe not today but someday.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Miss Draper Workshop

Kenz was asked to speak to the girls running for Miss Draper about Staying True to Yourself.
She shared her experiences with American Idol and about the internet.
She also encouraged the girls to embrace their weirdo and
Stay Rad