Thursday, September 5, 2013

ABC 4 Utah Promoting Radioactive Fest

 We got word at noon Thursday that they wanted Kenz to sing on ABC 4 Utah at 4:30 pm to promote Radioactive Fest.  Kenz was stoked!!  Although our life was a little crazy at the moment (see HERE) we made it happen and got her to the studio.  Sam Schultz is so great with Kenz.  He prepped her and made calmed her nerves.
 Two of the funniest characters... Always a good time!

They asked Kenz questions about her music and Radioactive Fest.
Then it was time to sing.  
She decided to try a new song... it got the best of her but boy did she cover well.... 

Promoting Backstage passes for Radioactive Fest!

Thank you Sam & Seventy3Creative for inviting Kenz to promote with you.
And thank you to ABC 4 Utah with Brian Carlson, and Nadia Crow for having Kenz on your show today.

Just her "Song & Oopsy"

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