Saturday, October 12, 2013

Light the Night (LLS)

Kenz was asked if she would sing on the route for the 
Light the Night Walk 
(Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)

 She was told to sing "fun" songs to keep the crowd in good spirits, 
so she had planned her set list accordingly.  
Once we arrived she was told to sing "calming" songs... 
so she was trying to make some changes last minute. 

Warming up

She began to sing.  
We were both overwhelmed with emotions.  
There were SO many people carrying lanterns 
representing how their lives have been affected by Cancer. 
(Red - supporter, White - survivor, Yellow - remembering a loved one).

As we packed up and started to head to our car, 
Kenz made the comment of how "glad she was that we got to do this." 
It was an inspiring night filled with amazing people. 
"Tonight was one of the most amazing 
musical opportunities for me.  
Such an honor to be able to play 
for these incredibly inspiring people.  
Thanks you."

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