Friday, May 30, 2014

Surprise Award at the Graduation Assembly

Kenz was asked to sing with Tanner Townsend (click his name or google him... WOW!) 
for the "End of the Year" Graduation Assembly.

They practiced several times 
and although both of them were dragging their feet to perform, 
they had worked hard on the arrangement 
and were kind of excited to sing what they had put together.
With poor communication she was almost told "never mind" 
-  they had asked another girl to sing.  
This made ME panic .... 
 the Principal at Corner Canyon High School had called 
to let me know that five students were going to get a special award during the assembly 
and Kenz was one of them.  
She needed to be at the assembly.  

The day before Kenz, Tanner, and the other girl, Matalyn Zundel 
got together and put an arrangement together for them to do ALL TOGETHER.  

Day of... they tried to sound check and had trouble with feedback... 
but gave up and found a seat in the auditorium.  
Until they called Kenzie's name....

She was shocked. 

 I love this principal - Mary Bailey.
She has been SO supportive of Kenzie and her Idol adventures.  
It was really sweet.  She got an award for basically doing the work to "Chase your Dreams". 
 I was proud of her.  
It has been A LOT of work for Kenz.  
Lots of ups and downs.  She has made me so proud.

Then Tanner, Maddy, and Kenz sang.
Assembly #1

Assembly #2 - no guitar

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  1. This makes me happy. I love it when hard work and sacrifice gets a little recognition. Great job Kenzie!