Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dallas Nelson's Farewell

Dallas Nelson has been called to serve an LDS mission in South Carolina.  He asked Kenz to sing at his farewell.  She knew exactly what she wanted to sing... except the piano music was in the wrong key for her.  We knew who we needed to call.  Mr. Jake Justice.  Click his name to learn more about how BRILLIANT he is!!! 
He met Kenz on Saturday and looked at the music, added a few scribbles, and played it beautifully.  They ran it twice.  
This was their second run through
Got to church a few minutes early on Sunday and ran it one more time then performed BEAUTIFULLY!!!  
I am so grateful for people who say YES when they are asked to serve and share their talents.  I am also very grateful others are INVITED to serve.  This is the first time Kenz has been asked to sing in sacrament meeting.  No one thinks to ask her.  I was a proud and thankful mom today.

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