Saturday, January 10, 2015

Play it Forward

Kenz was invited to be a part of this amazing line up.  
David Devaney asked if she would be a part of a Benefit Concert at The Stereo Room,
 all the money earned would go to an artist in need.  
She didn't know the artist personally but did a little research 
and couldn't pass up the chance to be a part of something so amazing.
The line up was incredible.  
The TALENT was superb.  
The kindness of the musicians was impressing. 
David Devaney and his wife, Krista, are INSPIRING.
They put this concert together in one week.  
Hoping to get the word out.  
People filled the seats... & the floor & the hallways.   
 Standing room only.  
Some of the audience knew who would receive the money and many had no idea.  

David Devaney welcomed the audience and introduced the performers.

 Stuart Edge sang 2 songs. Then John Allred.  
He asked if Kenz would sing one of his songs with him.
Take Me to Church with John Allred

After John was Kenz

Oh Darling - Beatles

Creep - Radiohead

Who's Loving You - Jackson 5
(Thank you to Aimee Vargus for taking pictures)

Then Nate Smeding, Nate Turley, Rilee Nicole, and James Dawson WOW'd us all.
Jarom Rasmus Hulon briefly explained that he had recently decided to change his path in life and serve a mission for the LDS church adding that once he made this decision "all hell broke loose." (which usually happens in my opinion).  Then he sang. 
Before the last performer, David emotionally announced that Jarom was receiving the money.   
David gave credit to his beautiful wife, Krista, thanking her for allowing him to make her vision a reality. 
 It was awesome.  
Jarom was speechless, humbled and honored.
Amber Lynn Stoppel performed and the night ended with one more song by ALL the performers. 

This was a night I will NEVER FORGET. 
A sold out show for someone in need.  
I hope if you read this post that you click on the names highlighted 
and see what amazing people live in our community 
that are doing wonderful things with their talents.  

And then many took photos - Including this fun "selfie"!

Visit Jarom's blog to learn more about his experience and journey. 


  1. Absolutely amazing performances! I LOVE the impromptu back-up musicians! What a neat thing for her to be involved in. So excited for her!

  2. Brilliant performances!! She is so talented. Her band is also very good. I have asked my event planner to book a rock band for the live performances on my wedding day. The planner suggested booking her.