Wednesday, April 29, 2015

LDS Influencer Meet Up

Wednesday April 29th
Kenz was asked to speak and the LDS Influencers Meet Up but on by Boncom.  
It was an awesome night!

 Kenz with the BYU Cougar

Kenz with the DARLING keynote speaker Mindy McKnight from Cute Girls Hairstyles

Kenz got to SPEAK & SING!

Social Media speech excerpt

All done and feeling RELAXED!!

Kenz with Emily Hill and Tayler Smith

Kenz with ___ and John Dye

Meet and Greet

To see and learn more - go to INSTAGRAM and look up the hashtag

LDS Influencers Meet Up
My name is Kenz Hall.  Many of you probably don’t know who I am, so let me introduce myself to you.  I am an 18 year old singer from Draper Utah.  I was lucky enough to share my music on a national level when I made it to the Top 15 girls on American Idol last year.  Whenever I am asked to speak, I always ask;  Are you sure you want me to speak?  “I don’t speak - I sing.”  But I am grateful to be here today and plan to do both - more singing than speaking of course.  
My first song is the song I auditioned with for American Idol called I’m Gonna Find Another you.
Song: John Mayer - Gonna Find Another You
  1. Social Media
Social media is awesome.  It connects us with people across the globe.  It’s also a little weird.  Complete strangers become our friends.  Many of you here today are bloggers.  Believe it or not, I started out as a blogger.  I was 13 years old and posted all the crazy events in my life.  I was an open book.  Let me read you a small excerpt from my blog.   

February 10, 2010
Being a teenager with a blog is difficult work!  It was my dad's birthday so my parents went on a cruise to Mexico-without me(: Dang. But my cousin came and babysat! It was the funnest weekend. Got to do a lot of Dance Parties with my best friend. Short Shorts, V-Necks, Knee-high socks, blasting music! Ahh. Good weekend. Except I sort of became a women that weekend...Yeah, that was a downer. BUT I thought of the positive and kept it a secret.  I’ve had some Valentine drama. My BEST guy friend asked me to be his Valentine! But I rejected him. Didn't want to make it awkward was my excuse(: I told him if anyone else asked me, I'd say no.. Another guy asked me. I said yes. I lost a friend.. DRAMA! 

I posted pictures of my “drama-filled” life and excitedly watched for new comments.  Then I joined Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, etc and my blog disappeared.  Which probably isn’t a bad thing.  I also became a little more reserved in the things I shared.  Which probably isn’t a bad thing either...

Social Media allows me to share my life with the world.  It is has given me a chance to share things that mean the most to me.   And I don’t hesitate to share my testimony.  “I am a Mormon.” I don’t hesitate to share my dreams. “I am a Musician.”  This next song isn’t very well known, but it’s one I love.  It’s called The Dreamer.
Song: The Dreamer
  1. Stay Rad
When I made the Top 30 on Idol, I was required to do interviews.  This was all new to me.  I figured being the only Mormon on the show my season that my faith would be included in some interviews.  Being young, I decided not to avoid the questions about religion but to try put the focus on my music.  I would usually respond with something like “My faith is just as much a part of me as my Music is.”  I had lots of opportunities to share my beliefs with the producers, vocal coaches, and other contestants.  They ALWAYS asked why I didn’t drink the coffee.  I had an experience with Adam Lambert where we didn’t see eye to eye on how I should sing my song and what I should wear for the the first live show.  I remember telling my mom that I would listen to him and the other professionals and mentors but that I was going to stay true to myself no matter what. That is where the hashtag #stayrad came from.  Yes, “Rad” is a common word used in my vocabulary but, I live by the motto “STAY RAD”.  We are all unique.  I am not your normal teenager.  I don’t enjoy social settings.  I don’t choose hang out with friends on the weekend.  I am a little introvert.  I am stubborn.  And I will not bend to make someone else happy.   The STAY RAD hashtag hopefully encourages others to figure out who you are and then STAY that way.  No matter what the outside world demands or wants from you, always stay true to yourself and your beliefs.   

Gordon B. Hinckley said; “Your life is a message to the world.  Make sure it is inspiring.”  

We all face challenges or on a positive note - we all are given “opportunities to be courageous”.  I hope that the way I live my life and the things I share about my life on social media inspires other.  This next song is one I performed during Hollywood Week.  I think the judges were a little taken back when I performed this song.  I guess they didn’t expect a shy and nervous 16 year old to walk up to the mic with her guitar in front of a huge audience and began rapping but I thought it was RAD.  If you know it feel free to sing along.
Song: Can’t Hold Us

III. Album
Social media has taught me a lot - both good and bad.  I have learned to be careful about specifics.  Some people will do and say just about anything.  I have learned that some people don’t think you get your feelings hurt.  Being the target of gossip and mean words can be hard.   I have also learned that people rally around their own.  I have had others come to my defense and protect my beliefs.  I have learned that members of our church will send the sweetest messages of gratitude.  There is nothing like getting a private message from a young new Beehive thanking you for being a good example to her.
And I have learned that where much is given - much is expected.   Sharing my testimony online doesn’t scare me.  Not sharing my testimony does.Once I returned from American Idol, because of contracts I couldn’t perform as much as I was used to... so I began writing music.  I’m May, I recorded an 8 song album and released it in September.  Many of the songs reflect my experiences from the past two years and the crazy journey music has taken me on. This last song that I am going to sing tonight is one from my album called If I Move Along.  It wasn’t written as a religious song, but it’s message is one of endurance while seeking the guidance of a loving and forgiving Heavenly Father.  
Song: If I Move Along

I want to challenge each of us who are crazy enough to put our lives on the world-wide web to Remember “Your life is a message to the world.  Make sure it is inspiring.”

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