Friday, August 7, 2015

Once I Was a Beehive

This movie premiers August 14, 2015

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Kenz was asked to say a few words at the Sandy a Premier August 6th. She was prepared to speak but due to time (and a little confusion,) she wasn't able to talk. But here is her message. 

First I want to say thank you to Maclain & Lisa for allowing me to be a part of this film. A musicians dream is to have their work recognized and more importantly, enjoyed. You both have made this dream a reality for me and it means so much. 

Last year, I had a crazy year with music.  I was released from a TV Show (booted) and because of strict contracts, I wasn't allowed to perform. So I decided to be productive and I ended up writing an album. I wrote a bunch of songs and realized something was missing. 

I wanted a deeper song.  Something that everyone could relate to. I got together with John Allred, who is an incredible songwriter and a dear friend, we struggled to come up with something together.  He had a skeleton of a song called the great unknown. When I got in the studio with Joshua James, we made some changes and that is when the song came alive for me.  It was exactly what I wanted. 

The Great Unknown is one of those songs that I hope everyone can listen to and relate it to their own lives.  It's about the up and downs of life. You can't control what life throws at you --- all you have to do keep going, one step at a time, into the great unknown. 

Again thank you for allowing me to be apart of this. I am excited to see this film and have a feeling it will be exceptionally successful. And I hope you enjoy a little bit of my music. 

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  1. So great to hear the story behind the song! Thanks for being a part of the OIWAB family!