Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Private Surprise

Kenz was invited to SURPRISE a little girl named Mackenzie who was turning 13. 

Kenz doesn't do these kind of private home shows very often any more but,
 beside the fact that we ADORE this family, 
when she talked to Kenzi's mom and grandma she knew this was one she would say yes to.
Her mom said Kenzi had looked up to Kenz for a long time and it would mean so much.

I wish I had gotten the cute moment of "SURPRISE" - it was so sweet!!!

Kenz sang a few of her own songs and then sang a few of Kenzi's favorites in a sing-a-long.

One Last Time

I know that these more intimate settings are HARD for Kenz.  
She LOVES being on a Big Stage.  
These close quarters aren't her favorite.  

But as her mom, I am always grateful she is given opportunities to connect with these young girls.  
It reminds Kenz that her choices (at times hard and unpopular) are noticed and worth it.  
She has never been one that needs attention or praise.  
She is hard headed and set in her ways.  
Her music has been her best friend for so long.  
But because of her music it has allowed her to be a sweet and humble example of righteous decisions. 
When we drove home, she quietly said 
"That was FUN.  Those girls were darling."
"HARD" sometimes ends up being "FUN"

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  1. The more I learn about Kenz, the more I love her.