Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hollywood Week Round 4

Hollywood Week - round 4: Solos

After getting in at 4:15 am, I woke Kenzie up at 4:45 am to get ready for roll call at 6 am. She immediately got hit up by Lev for an early morning interview:

Because of many different reasons, Kenzie planned to sing "Your Song" by Elton a John.  I was confused because I knew it wasn't her style but with all the obstacles she had... It was what was decided.

Kenzie's only rehearsal with the band did NOT go well. I thought she had forgotten the words but come to find out, the band was playing a different arrangement from the one she rehearsed with. I panicked & told her (through text messaging) to borrow a guitar & go back to her original plan. She didn't respond. So then I told her to explain when she gets on stage that she had planned to sing Breakeven but because of her idiot mother who broke her guitar... She was singing a sing she wasn't comfortable or familiar with... She responded to this text message with "mom. Stop. Texting. Me." I stopped.

When her name was called she walked on stage and told the judges she was. "Doing great. But she needed to do something really cheesy. ... I need to dedicate this song to my mom" she pointed up to the balcony where I was standing. I expected her to finish the dedication with "because she broke my guitar." But she didn't say that. Instead she pointed to me and said "Mom, this is Your Song." 
I learned something very important at that moment. I learned that Kenzie doesn't make excuses for her performances. She owns every decision she makes. 
Kenz sang Elton Johns "Your Song" with conviction & emotion. If you know kenz, you know it isn't her "style" but she made the decision to sing the song & wasn't going to blame anyone else for her performance. I was extremely proud of her.

Then they were divided into THREE ROOMS. A room for "nos" & two rooms of "maybes"

She had survived another round

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