Friday, December 20, 2013

Hollywood Week - Top 30

Hollywood Week - Final Judgement

We went to the Civic Center in Pasadena CA.

It was FREEZING! Parents sat in a make-shift room with curtains. The contestants sat in chairs waiting... Filming B roll... Ford commercials... Etc.
they waited & waited.


Kenz was one of the last to learn if she was in fact in the Top 30 (15 girls & 15 boys).
Once they called her name, a camera man asked her how she was feeling & who she was thinking about. Pure exhausted had set in & for the FIRST TIME she showed her emotions. She began to cry as she answered "I'm thinking about my mom". She calmed down in the elevator & then was pulled into another room where she was pressed for her feelings about the week & her mom. Again, her emotions surfaced. Finally, she walked into to see the judges- composed. The judges spoke to her for a bit but again brought up that she was thinking about her mom. She began to respond & through her tears she said "I just wanted to make my mom proud."

She came out of the elevator as I stood waiting with Ryan Seacrest. I could tell she'd been crying. She had her hands on her face as she said "I did it". I thought that was what she said but got nervous with her tears that maybe she said "I didn't." So after asking her, she giggled explained she was in deed in the Top 30 & we celebrated.

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