Friday, February 21, 2014

American Idol - Rush Week Girls Night

The show began...

Aaron & Hayden got the two family tickets and were seated in the front row.

Mackay & I sat in the balcony with my friends Jeni, McKell, & Misty.

The judges come out.

The girls sit in the chamber waiting and hoping their names would be called...

After the 5th girl was called I noticed Mackay quietly folding his arms and bowing his head.  
Praying his sister's name would be called.
Ryan Seacrest asks Kenzie a question...

Once the 10th girls name was announced.  
My heart sank.  
Mackay began to cry.  
We were all so sad.  
So confused. 
Mackay got up immediately and said "let's go find her mom."  
I tried to tell him to come back and sit down so that we could shout her name 
and cheer her on, once they brought her on stage.  
The people sitting around us began to cry watching the support and sadness of her sweet brother.  
It was the most frustrating, sad, and sweet moment. 
I didn't know what to do.  
I personally began praying for words.  
How do I comfort Kenz?  
How do I comfort all my kids?  
What do I say to friends and neighbors?  
I had no words and no answers. 
It wasn't fun. 
When I finally found Kenz, I gave her a hug 
and she whispered "Please don't make me cry."
We sat and listened to several of the "people in charge" 
tell us the new rules and how "sour grapes don't go very far".  
Kenz had to see the doctor before she was permitted to leave. 
Not thrilled with what she was told in that private meeting but not worth sharing.

Then we gathered her things.  
Her phone fell to the floor. 
I am not sure if her dad texted her something or if it was her boyfriend 
but she turned to face a wall and the tears began to fall.
She got her stuff and guitar and we waited for her dad to come pick us up.
Once at the hotel we had a few minutes to gather luggage and leave.
And that was the end of our Idol Journey.  

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