Tuesday, February 18, 2014

American Idol Workshop/Rush Week

Kenz & my dad flew to California for Rush Week. 
I arrived the next day to join Kenzie for interviews and meetings about the hopeful future. 
We met with lawyers. Record Labels. Agents. Etc.

having "in-ears" made

Briston Maroney 16th Birthday Party

Kenzie & Austin Wolfe

Kenzie, Austin Wolfe, & Jordan Brisbane

Fans on the street recognizing the contestants

Top 31

 Then we moved to the most beautiful resort called Terranea.

Selfies gone wrong.... 

Kenz had submitted three songs as "workshop" songs. 
Not realizing this would be what she would sing for the first Live show, 
she submitted songs she considers "extras". 
Songs she knows... 
They're easy to sing, but they're nothing special. 

She met with: 
social media people, 
hair and make up, 
vocal coaches, 
talent interviews, 
Randy Jackson, 
Adam Lambert, 
& Chris Daughtry. 
Cameras filmed EVERYTHING. 

Kenz received a lot of advice & suggestions. 
Some she loved & some she felt extremely uncomfortable with. 
She worried most about having America see her being: 
"advised" to do something, 
wear something, 
or sing in a way she wasn't comfortable with... 
And then she NOT DO IT. 
She feared she'd come across arrogant or even "unteachable". 
It kept her up that night. 

We did a lot of waiting around on the last day... 

Kenz, Austin, Briana Oakley, Briston

But then they got to SIGN CONTRACTS!!

Prepping for this Live show met she had to find her own clothes. 
Arrange her song to be 90 seconds or less. 
Do her own hair & make up. 
The first show is up to the contestants.
After the first live show then the professionals step in.

We went back to Utah for 2 weeks to make decisions & find what we needed. 

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