Wednesday, February 19, 2014

American Idol Rush Week

We said our goodbyes, 
got as much school work as possible, 
packed to stay for several months, 
& arrived in California February 12th.

We were told rumors of "5 not singing" on the first show were just RUMORS. 
All 15 girls would sing. 
A few days later we asked again and were given the same answers. 
Family had booked flights to come watch Kenz perform. 
Neighbors had booked flights to come watch Kenz sing.
Jordan & Kenz with Fans on the street

Sunday February 16th. Kenzie had a dress rehearsal that wasn't her best. 
She'd planned to play an electric guitar. 
She didn't realize the battery in her electric guitar had died 
so she spent the first half of her 20 minute rehearsal trying to find a 9volt battery. 
One of the band members helped her. 
She was flustered but got to run through her song twice. 
It was filmed.

rehearsing being called up to sing... 

Monday was spent trying to keep her busy & her mind occupied. 
She played with her song a bit because she wasn't happy with her first rehearsal. 
Monday night we got the text: 
"change of plans. 
Five of you won't sing tomorrow. 
Everyone needs to pack your luggage.
The five that don't ding will leave the hotel following the show tomorrow."  
We packed our bags just in case.

Tuesday morning, kenz spent in school. 
She got one final dress rehearsal. 
Judges were there for most rehearsals. 
Jennifer Lopez left before Kenz sang. 
Keith Urban & Harry Connick Jr. stayed for all the rehearsal.

They had a few minutes to touch up make up, hair, clothing, etc. 
I had a minute with Kenz & gave her a hug. 
She whispered, 
"something's wrong. I don't think I'm going to sing tonight." 
Her gut told her she wouldn't sing. 

Getting in the zone... then she realized I was snapping pictures... Love the Plie

Then they were lead to that dreaded "Chamber".

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