Friday, March 13, 2015

Opening for Foreign Figures

Kenz was invited to be one of the opening acts for Foreign Figures .
She had met this band when they came to perform at her high school and really liked them.
She had some reservations but decided to accept the gig.

I talked to her about her concerns and basically told her not to worry 
and that it will be a great show with a fun crowd.
She sold tickets to some family friends and started to put together her set.

She met Nate Smeding at the Play It Forward show in January.  
He is a drummer and he is AWESOME!!
She thought this would be the perfect show to have him join her. 
They met and practiced once.  
These two are the funniest people together.  Once in a while you meet someone that "gets you"  - Kenz is still sometimes a mystery to me -  I loved watching the two of them practice and laugh and talk strange and totally "get" each other.  

I can't thank Nate enough for drumming for Kenz and treating her with the most utmost respect. 

I'm not going to share Kenzie's concerns but just like every other music situation her gut was right  
- all of her concerns happened  - and I was eating crow.

For You

The Work Song

Thank you Aimee Vargas for the amazing pictures of Kenz.  
You always capture the best moments.
want you back
crazy in love
delicate art
for you
work song

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