Monday, July 6, 2015

Singing at a Graveside Service

Our sweet friend across the street lost her dad to Kidney cancer.  
He was diagnosed just a week or so prior.  
She texted me the morning of his service to see if Kenz was available to sing.  
Her musical number had fallen through.  
Kenz was actually sleeping at my dad's house.  
I knew she'd say yes, but I was hesitant to commit until I knew for sure.

Kris Maxfield was Kenzie's leader in church.  
Kenz was honored she thought of her.

Kris explained that her dad's favorite song was Stand By Me by Ben E. King.

When I got to my dad's with her guitar she immediately started to fiddle with the song.  
She decided to mash it up with Watching You by the Police.  
I think it is really cool how lyrics of a song can completely change meaning in a different setting.  
It sounded really neat.

Rehearsing before heading to the cemetery.

Kenz arrived and had a feeling NOT to sing her version 
and to just go with the original version of Stand By Me.  
I talked her into singing the mash up that she had put together.

When she went up to sing... 
they didn't have a mic stand so I got to hold the mic for her.  
Although I bumped her face once - she sang beautifully!! 
 I wasn't able to film since i was holding the mic. 

When she was finished... she wished she had trusted her gut and just sang Stand By Me.  
Later she explained that she felt she took something special from them (his favorite song).  
She felt it wasn't her place to embellish or change it.  
She ended our conversation with "in the future, Mom, please trust me."   
I felt sad she felt sad.  
I don't think Kris or anyone else felt she ruined their loved one's song... 
But in the future "I WILL trust her".   

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