Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reminders are Good

Kenz was asked to sing for her good friend Cole Parkinson's mission farewell.
She was thrilled.

She decided to do the same song she did for Seminary Graduation.

She rehearsed with our friend from our stake Mike Anderson on Tuesday and felt ready. 
Saturday night, she started to realize how many of her friends would be there 
and how important it was that she sing well.  
She worked herself up a little.  

Mike texted me that morning.  

She sat nervously looking at her words while Cole spoke.  

I finally showed her Mike's text. 
 She read it and gave a relieved smile.  
Walked up to the stand and sang BEAUTIFULLY.

Sometimes she needs to remember that she has been given a gift.  
It is a blessing from her Heavenly Father.  
And when you are willing to share your gifts and talents, 
you are blessed.  

He answered her prayers (& mine) that morning.  
Calming her heart and mind. 
And helping her bring the spirit through music.  

As a mom, 
I am always SO GRATEFUL when she is given the opportunity to sing in church. 

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