Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Nights Summer Concert Series


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It was a beautiful night 
and the amphitheater is one of the nicest I've seen.

Kenz invited Nate Smeding to play drums.  
Nathan Turley to play guitar.  
Adam Dorius to play an original they wrote together as well as another 90's hit. 
Adam, Kenz, Nate, Nathan  
Everyone did amazing.

Kenz was nervous about the turn out but it was a FULL HOUSE and then some.  
I wish I had a picture of the crowd when she finally went on.  
I was so proud of her.

Oh Darling: 

Three Seconds:


Work Song: 


Stand By Me/ I'll Be Watching You Mash Up:

Want You Back:

The Dreamer:

Meet & Greet:

Set List:
1.  Oh Darling - Beatles
2.   For You - David Harris
With Adam
3.  Three Seconds - Original
4.  Creep - Radiohead
5. Gonna Find Another You - John Mayer
6.  Can’t Hold Us - Macklemoore
With Nate Smeding
7.  Delicate Art - Original 
8.  Favorite Place - Original 
9.  One Good Reason - Original
10.  Work Song - Hozier
With Nate Smeding and Nathan Turley
11.  Georgia - Ray Charles
12.Want You Back - Jackson 5 
13.  Stand By Me/Watching You Mash Up- Ben E King/Police
With Nathan Turley
14. The Dreamer - Tallest Man on Earth 
15. Who’s Loving You - Jackson 5

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